Cheras BJ Queen, Qing Qing (my dream girl) (Pic)

Cheras BJ Queen, Qing Qing (my dream girl) (Pic)

*** The Return of the Queen! ***

Master: long ben


I have keep Qing Qing for few weeks and didn’t have any change to call her. So when I have the free time during office hour, I called her immediately. When I called her, she told me she free ( very lucky). She ask me come around 2pm. we reached.she guided me to her home, teach me how to register at the guard place. Finally I meet the famous lady that everyone talking about for long long times.
Once I step into her house, we sit down at the sofa and chit chat for awhile.  Then she lead me to her room, undress me, and bath with me then direct BJ me. The feeling was nice and she started to used her breast to massage my small brother till cum. Further clean up and dry up, we proceed to her bed. 
First she gave some massage, then slowly her mouth started to get naughty, her tongue licked all my body, from neck to toe, to my ball and small brother, and she asked me to turn around, this time I really experience the one and only famous “tongue fuck” from her. 
I really enjoy it. When I feel my small brother getting harder, I told her let proceed to wear cap. So she ride on me, slow and fast in pace, lead my hand to squeeze her breast. and we fighting around 5min ,my brother was lost. then take a rest and said bye bye with my dream girl.

Name: Qing Qing
Age: 30+
Origin: PRC
Face: 7/10
Booby: not sure, but Nice to hold and play.
FK: 10/10
BBBJ: Good in licking and sucking.
Tongue Fuck: Definitely over 10/10/
WIR: Yes.
Massage: 8/10
damage : RM130 + tips, 2 hours RM 250, overnight RM 350

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Firm and perky nipples – Xue Er(pic)

Firm and perky nipples – Xue Er(pic)

*** Xue Er back to Sunway again ***

Master: smallcuteguy

2nd FR on my precious Xue Er:

Decided to visit Xue Er again as she is too hard to resist. Model’s body, pretty face, seductive voice and good FJ skills, in short, the whole package.
Made an appointment with her and went straight to her hotel. She invited me to cuddle with her on the bed at first, was really very comfortable with her lying on my chest, her warm body is very nice to hug. 
We chit-chatted alot while my hands couldn’t resist massaging her boobs while she also started touching my crotch. Also she looked into my eyes while we chatted and touched my face softly,  I kissed her lips. After a while,  I almost fell asleep as it was too comfortable.
Next, she lead me to the bathroom to wash up, clean me and my didi like a GF. Action starts, catbath from my neck, nipples and then down to my didi. Her BBBJ is the best I experienced so far, she will look at you when blowing and I had to control myself not to CIM.
After capping, we started with cowgirl, her riding is awesome, but I think she doesn’t like that position as she requested to change to missionary very soon. Pumped her about 20 mins still cannot unload, then we changed to doggy. 
After 10 mins my didi still stubborn, I oso tired edi, asked her to gimme HJ instead. She also very sweet and patient and slowly helped me to wake my didi, in the end managed to come.
Cleaned up and hugged her before I left.
P.S: She is something special, hope you guys treat her nicely and gently and sayang her :)

Name: Xue Er
Nationality: PRC
Age: 26-28
Face: 10/10
Body: 8/10(has a small tummy, otherwise good)
Boobs: Firm, perky nipples about 34B
BBBJ: 10/10(like the ball licking)
FJ: 9/10(tight and wet pussy)
HJ: 8/10
DATY: didn’t try
Damage: 200
WIR: Yes


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69 with Sedap-sedap body Dayana(pic)

69 with Sedap-sedap body Dayana(pic)

Master: Izzat


i have exprience with one dayana from bangsar.
got her number from Webmaster last jan.
when i have work in kl last time i call her.set time when i arrive there at 11 pm.stayed at hotel at ampang.
she come after an huour i’ve check in.when i saw her face with body,quite cute.then we had some chit chat. 
after that she start to say let’s go to bath.then she take off her cloth.i saw a nice body with a pair of nice boobs. 
she’s not too thin or not to fat. sedap2 body la.then we take a shower together.during shower start kissing her cos tk tahan saw her lips.
then we straight go to bed.she start licking my body.then i request 69.have a nice pussy.start licking it.then she said she’s horny.cos 2 days no cust.the put cap on me and start cowgirl.
at the same time i lick her nice boobs.after 15 minute i wanna cum,request tu cum on her face.she said no problem.for me nice experince with her.a little bit talkative n friendly.

Name: Dayana NL
face 6/10
boobs 7/10 a little bit ‘layut’
fj 8/10
body 6/10 not too fat..
damage 250

Skin is really smooth and Great BJ – Janet(pic)

Skin is really smooth and Great BJ – Janet(pic)

Master: Bo


Got Janet’s number from Webmaster after reading her FR here. Thought I’d support local economy. :)
Anyway, so I contacted her and we arranged to meet at a budget hotel somewhere in Setapak. Her voice was somewhat husky, so that’s another big turn on. 
First time I saw her, I thought she’d be taller. She is quite petite but still a solid body. Good shape overall. 
Everything was pretty standard procedure, the bath and the cat bath. But she is really accommodating and will keep asking if she is doing it alright, if I am feeling good…good GFE points. 
Her bj was great and when I told her to roam my balls, I was dead high. Couldn’t last very long so I told her to stop and we played and cuddled more. Her skin is really smooth and very nice to the touch. 
Before I got late for my dinner, I continued to pump and before long I was a happy man. Tired, but happy. Showered and left. 
She is also a conversationalist if you want her to be, or she can just be quiet. I prefer some light chit chat and she very kindly obliged. 
I did not try anything kinky or special so I don’t know if she goes for those. I just wanted a quick release. :)

Name : Janet 
Race : CKT
Face: 7/10
Body : 7/10
Boobs : B or C
BBBJ : 7/10
CIM : She said no. 
DATY : Didn’t ask
ANAL : Didn’t ask
GFE : Very friendly. 
Damage: RM200 (hotel RM30)

Wild Deepthroat Bakso- Jina ( CC kepong )

Wild Deepthroat Bakso- Jina ( CC kepong )

Master: Ace

Not familiar wit kepong area so decided to go there first before contact. finally found the place but so many ppl around e area kinda crowded, lack privacy a bit. Sms and replied wit no room hotel no so proceed but feel little bit uncomfortable because e staffs there staring.
knock on e door n then greeted by blond petite bakso. She asked me whether i want to relax n have cigarrate first or start right away. I told her that i booked her short time so dun want to waste time. She started to undress n I kinda dissapointed her body quite flabby not like pictures. Proceed to shower she very accomodating even start to lick my nipples and caress my body while shower, then she started to bend down n gave bbbj while still showering, feeeel gooood..
After shower, little bit foreplay n then she started to bbbj. She suck very hard n really into it, very wet n then she started to swallow my didi up to her throat. Wow! i ‘ve been deepthroat by girl before but not like this..when my whole didi inside her throat she still tried to push it to a point she started to gag ( nasty!) i m not a fan of deepthroat but this gurl really know how to do it, there are times when i feel my didi was so hot in her throat i want to shoot inside there! can u imagine shooting cum inside a girl’ throat..
I have to stop her bcoz already feels like my didi was hot n warm n feel near to explode, put on cap n she start to ride me cowgirl. while riding she start to lick n suck my neck n nipples very hard n suddenly she gone wild n start hump me very hard, sound so loud Pap!Pap!Pap! i tried to make her slow down coz i cant handle it but too late..already cum..thought want to finish wit doggy.
after finish she still entertain me , shower wit me so good service.. after that relax, have a cigarete n chat.After few minutes of chatting she started to warm up n open even told me stories about wild party shes been to n how recently she was caught high on estacy by police etc. After chat said goodbye so overall good xperiences. To those who like wild wet deepthoat bbbj this is ur girl..

Name: Jina
Age: 25
Nationality: BAKSO 
Language: Malay
Face: 6/10
Body: 6/10
Boobs: 7/10
Ass : 7/10
Deepthroat: 10!
BBBJ: 9/10 
DFK: nope
DATY : nope
FJ : 8/10 managed to get cowgirl only coz pancut awal..very wild!
GFE : 7/10 friendly but more to friend than gf
Moan : 7/10 
Rush : No rush at all
Damage : RM170
Overall: 7/10 
WIR: Maybe

A day with Devi MILF

A day with Devi MILF

Master: Jake

Kinda hard to find the place, but i text her a day before our appointment. 
Did little bit of research on my GPS. So the next day around 5pm, rainy day ( A perfect time to have a good pampered for myself ). 
Call up dewi, and she ask to come over to her Apartment. She was standing there with a sexy Kimono. All i can say, her boobs and her hospitality is the best. She’s not a looker but, because of her appearence and greet i was melted. Before we start our session we chit chat for a bit for 7min.
Right after that, she ask me to enter the ZEN room which is very SPA look a like.
She start massaging me and i feel so relax, until she reach nearby my HERCULES Jr rub gently. She was impressed by my Hercules XD. Then she open her bra, and TRUST ME GUYS… Its like a gigantic heavy ballon drop on body. Her breast is SUPERB and that is my first time experience it. 
Makes me nervous to see it, and it was glorious. She gives me a Tit F**K for few minutes and i cannot than straight push her head down and give me a BJ. I was planning to have sex with her, but because of her BJ was too great, we do it all the way. She can really DEEP THROAT. Never in my life to have that satisfaction BJ. 
While she’s giving me the BJ, i can see the pussy is watery. I rub her pussy for awhile but the BJ she’s giving is like so rough which i like it so much. and again she was amaze that i can than for that long. Until one point little Hercules lost he’s power and shoot the loads inside her. OMG it was a life time experience. 
Then she clean up my body and give me a shower. We chit chat again, and she’s was hoping that I’ll come again.
Guys try her, and treat nice you will get the satisfaction u need.

Name: Devi
Age: 36
Race: Indian Mix Indon
AR: Yes
Attitude : Very friendly
Looks: not a looker but worth it.
Weight: chubby
BJ: DEEP THROAT all d way
CIM: Yes
Pussy: Cubby & abit watery
Fingering: Didn’t try
Damage: RM 150
Batin: 7/10
WIR: Yes, for BJ

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Fantastic Kelly CKT

Fantastic Kelly CKT

Master: Ah Ben

feeling years nvr visited this SPA coz many gems have left and those left over gem are too hot in booking.
coz SPA always reminded me of Jojo.
after exibition nearby, i decided to drop by at black canyon for coffee and eye washing as many Segi hot chick are surrounding.
but there was one fine milf turn me on big time with the tight shorts and big ass!!!! hence i decided to go up to spa…
walk into the spa, greeted by the captain… as normal, asked for regular ML, Vivian is off….damn, Amy is off …Damn!!!! what about Celine? she is off!!!! duhhhh… whose left, the captain told me Kelly is available!!!
OMG~ the superb gem is available which out of my expectation!
i told captain why dont u tell me early, pls make sure she is available in 30min! coz i want to clean up myself before been server by the Porn Queen hehehe
captain server me into the room, and i insist i want massage room!
coz i find the i can’t perform well or penetrate Kelly well with low bed! hahaha opt for high bed…. moment later~ she walked in with short skirt again! she still remmeber me by calling my name~ what’s a day… after some chitchat, while she putting down the towel and i can clearly see the g string~~ what was a killer shot!
i told kelly, dont mind we have fun before massage, she was shy… after all, she is shy gal as i notice~ but not after warm up! hahaha i’m sure regular Kelly fans know what i mean!
i knew she hate ppl smoke, and i managed to clean up 30min before the session. hence we start with light kisses and soon later… we have some wet kiss, although it’ snot FK type but i’m thrillled.
action started with doggy daty with clothes on and G string… she was hesitated at first but i convince her with my tongue. coz i recall she like daty but most of time cheongster is too eager and she did not enjooy~
and I daty till the bath room, no idea how when did we took off the shirt~
after bath she push me on the bed and ask me behave as she need to do her job too… Wahlah~~
dont you think she look so much like Kelly cheng? her eyes , her body and fair skin~ dont you feel excited Kelly cheng assrimming you when u in doggy possition hahaha i tell you, i’m in heaven!
i didn’t stop her doing it as i used to be…coz i feel pai seh.
this round i let her finish her job and what come next… she spent nearly 5min cowgirl and nearly break my shaft hahah she kinda heavy, frankly hahaha maybe she talk and surprisingly she didn’t ask for change possition. guess she found the spot during cowgal.
notice she start slowing down minutes later, i put her down… face down and ass up! guess way… i dive in and daty her again and she didn’t stop me…. what’s a gorgeous view!!!! reminded me of Julia Ann, white chick and solid ass!
not long after doggy her and i unloaded with smile…..
both sit on the bed and starring each other…damn, i really scare i got addicted to her… i feel guilty if i say fall in love~ hahaha
then i tease her how she remember me when she not using smart phone. coz we used to sms each other few times aweek… she told me she can see me on whatsapp with another phone…
emm.. my next target to ask for her smartphone number~ and ajak her out for jungle tracking hehehe her fav sport~

in summary:

Kelly @ late 20s
FK: 7/10
Datay: 10/10
AR: 10/10
FJ: 9/10 – I wasn’t happy with my performance
BJ: 5/10 – ask her spend more time on AR as i enjooy more hehehe
WIR is YES if she available with her clothes on!
Damange: RM 249 (full package)

Very friendly and nice PRC – Lan Xing(pic)

Very friendly and nice PRC – Lan Xing(pic)

*** Lan Xing just back to Cheras, tomorrow 17 Apr 2014 start work ***

Master: Wong



My first encounter with her was few months back. Reached her place in the evening bout 730pm. 
She texted my her unit number and not difficult to find her place. 
Greeted me with a cup of hot tea. Very friendly and nice to chat with. we chat about anything. From her personal life to her working life. 
After 10 minutes we proceed to shower. She helped me take off my clothes. She just need to lift her thin straps to drop off her sexy dress. While cleaning me, she gave a intro bbj with toothpaste. Cool and nice. 
After that we proceed to the bed. Started with nice and gentle cat bath and massage from top to bottom. Followed by bbbj with fire and ice. I would say it’s awesome. She got me hot and continued with her top. 
Her moan sounded real and that not really matter to me. As she rode, she bended down for me to kiss her breasts. Whispered to me i’m hot and she want more. Then we switched and ended with missionary. She hugged me as i cum. 
We chat for abit before shower then pay and left. Overall good service :)

Name: Lan Xing
Race: prc
Face: 7/10
Body: 158
boobs : B
BBBJ : 7/10
CIM : no, didn’t try
DATY: no
GFE: friendly, no rush
Damage : RM 150

Sweet voice Sunway Xue Zi(pic)

*** Xue Zi just back to Sunway 15 Apr 2014! ***

Master: Biggie

because of too busy so i have no time to write the FR but this is one month ago. 

i call her to make appointment and her voice is like OMG!! i want to fuck her kao kao ady by hearing her voice. then that day after dinner straight fly over to her place, then reach ady need to call her again to get her room number. The hotel look very clean, nice environment!

when she open door for me, she put make up on ady, so cannot quite see her real look… but she look nice with the make up la.. and before i go i ady tell her to wear some sexy bra and panties.. and it was turning me on when i saw it.. 

reach ady straight jump on the bed and play around with her boobs, then we slowly take off each other clothes, and go toilet bath. then she suggest to fuck one round in the toilet.. since my dick ady like negaraku standing tall ady so do straight la.. in  the toilet, she BBBJ me for a while then terus cap on and cowgirl and her boobs is nice no grab… and she got quite big nipple :D then for a few round, i shoot ady. 

after that she wash me nicely and i was still playing with her boobs. then went on the bed to rest.. after 5 minute she ask me want 2nd round? OF COURSE CAN!! but just pay more la.. :P 

then she bring another condom and we started again cowgirl, doggy, missionary then unload all my son into her.. 

after that i pay her and leave

and btw she uses Durex condom.. not bad not bad, quite good quality :D 

Name: Xue Zi
Race: PRC
Location: Sunway
environment: nice, clean and tidy.
hygiene: CLEAN!!
Face: 6.5/10
body: 7/10 (boobs nice to grab, got nice body line)
BBBJ: Yes (and she will keep look at you during bbbj ahhh!! damn syiok)
daty: no
Kiss: She will refuse at first, just keep trying ( kiss her face and neck then only go for lips)
Anal: no..
GFE: 9/10
Damage: 360 (per shot 180)

Banyak syiok woo..!!! NL Aira

Banyak syiok woo..!!! NL Aira

Master: Mur

Yesterday. After i got the number terus call FL Aira. Make an appointment at 6:30pm Puchong area. I check in & sms her room number. 10minute later she came in. A plum and sweet girl i can say as she is. Chit chat for a while and we take a bath together. There was the fight begins.
At first she just want to clean up as both of us just came back from daily work, but after she sabun my brother with her soft touch it’s woke up and i ask her to bbbj my brother. After almost 5minutes i ask her to wait, and i run in wet to get a cap. In the shower i FJ her standing and standing doggie until i really geli then i stopped. 
Next chapter we continue on bed. I open my brother cap and let her bbbj again. I dont  DATY her since her juice was quite a lot coming out. Then cap again my brother with new cap terus cowboy. If you all hear her moan…pergh…banyak syiok woo..!!! Stim already telling you guys this story. I FJ her untill she ask for a break (Thanks to Catuaba…hihihi)
After that i ask for standing doggie again since she was not so tall, i pound her hole like 500 times but still my brother can tahan lama. She ask me “Abg ada makan ubat ke?” i said dah biasa…(i lied…hihi). 
Back on bed i do missionary and i did force my brother to the max. I ask her to kepit more and more then i explode inside her.. 
She admit “Wow.. Never get didi that can last for quite some times”…hihihi. After sambung chit chat with her, i ask her for a drink at a mamak stall beside the hotel. Then we balik our own way..

Name: Aira
Race: NL
Location: Puchong
Face: 7/10
Body:6/10 Chubby like a teddy
Height: 5’2″
Boobs:9/10 Big enough for me
Kiss: I dont kiss.
BBBJ: 7/10.
FJ: 8/10 Tight for my brother.
GFE: 7/10 I like silent but “Do” more.
OverAll: 7/10.
RTF: Will do. But want to try other FL first.
Damage: 250 + 50 room (Satisfied for almost 2 hours with her. Well, she said 1 shot..!!..hihi)

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Cute smiling Bakso – Ina(pic)

Cute smiling Bakso – Ina(pic)

Master: Ace79


I have bad experiences with most indon girl but this one is nice. Opened door n saw this cute bakso smiling. We chat n found out she speak fluent malay n even look exactly malay. 
She calm n cool made u feel comfortable. showered together n continued chatting even while FJ, so like doing it wit a friend.after finished, showered n put cloth on n still continue chatting, she even playfully put her hand inside my boxer while talking.say goodbye so overall pleasant experiences.  

Name: Ina
Age: 28
Nationality: BAKSO (looked n speak malay)
Language: Malay
Face: 7/10
Body: 8/10 (petite n lean) 
Skin: 8/10 (soft) 
Boobs: small but dun matter to me coz not a boob man
Ass : 7.5/10 got shape
Pussy: 7.5/10 (Trimmed, no smell) 
BBBJ: 8.5/10 
DFK: nope
DATY : nope
FJ : 8/10 managed to get cowgirl only coz pancut awal..but she really into it
GFE : 7/10 friendly but more to friend than gf
Moan : 7/10 
Rush : No rush at all
Damage : RM150
Overall: 7/10 
WIR: Sure

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Urut Batin Dr. Ivy

Urut Batin Dr. Ivy

Master: Lee

Planned to find her for some proper massage after a long working and holiday trip. Once i’m back, immediately SMS her for appointment. She didn’t reply me until the very the next day. Straight confirm with her the time and ask for address.
That night, drive to her area and contact her. She just got back from work and ask me to wait a while she get ready for me. Once OK and got her address immediately look for her place.She waiting outside for me. Park car and straight go in.
She directs me to the room at the back. She has lots of pet cat with her. Went into the room and it is dimly lighted, with music and some household stuff laying around. She ask me to stripped off and lay down.I was initially a bit shy and she laughs it off at me.
She starts off with back body massage with oil. She asked me whether the massage pressure is sufficient or not. Surprisingly, she is very good at it.Then we start to talk about massage stuff while she’s doing her job. Talk about my body pain, which part can’t be massage, how to go about it and etc etc. Then talk about DIY. While talking about it, she reach for my Didi and did some inspection on it and gave me some tips on the condition of my Didi and balls. She seems to really know a thing or two about Didi healthcare / performance maintenance. Didi starts to grow while she was checking on it. After that continue massaging.
She then ask me turn face up. This is where thing start to get interesting. She covered my Didi with a towel while she’s massaging my chest. After finish then it’s Batin. She kneel on top of me with my hip in between while holding my Didi in her hand. She starts massaging my Didi with a few repeated pull from base to tip and some massage to the balls. 
While doing that she continue with her tips/recipe for a more healtier Didi and proper usage of it. My Didi starts to grew harder and harder while she’s on it. My minds starts to think dirty and naughty. More over, her bra straps keeps falling off. I think its more than 10 minutes she doing this. The view of a nice lady kneeling in front of me with her hand on my Didi is really a turn on. Anyway, i think i will try to follow her tips and recipe.
After finish, she clean me up with a hot water wipe. Before getting me dressed, she demonstrate to me some ways for exercising my Didi. Again, the moment where a nice lady standing in front of me with my Didi in her hand is really a big turn on.
I can say visiting her will you a different feeling about massaging. I think it is worth to try it out. Its something i have never tried and experience anywhere else.

Name : Ivy
Race : Mix with Thai
Age : Didnt Ask. (But looks young)
Face : 7/10
Massage : 8-10 (good massage pressure. not like other usual place i tried before. more ache after massage. Only thing is, a bit lack of massage on hand and leg.)
Batin : 9/10
WIR : Yes. After i successfully follow her tips/recipe.

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Come and find me play.. Wei Wei(pic)

Come and find me play.. Wei Wei(pic)

*** Wei Wei will back China 20 Apr 2014 ***

Master: Iew


Messaged Wei Wei through LINE a day before meeting,  and she replied that very night with a cute voice message saying ‘come and find me play..’ in mandarin. Lol! Anyway, made an appointment to meet her after lunch the next day.
Went to her place straight after lunch the next day. Arrived at her doorstep feeling nervous! Didn’t expect much but when the door opened Wei Wei is more that what I expected! Hot pants. Tight. Nice! We smiled, talked, went in, and talked more. I felt that she’s a very nice person. Hardworking pleasing customers here, at the same time always having her heart with her family back home in China.
After those friendly talk she asked what I have in mind today? Haha. My hands got naughty, hers too! Rubbed her soft boobs through her shirt and went down rubbed her pussy through her underwear. Hehe! Then she said time to bathe..
After bathing we just went straight ahead and start the action. Massage, BJ, wanted to explode in her mouth! But managed to held on. Her tongue is not bad! Cap on, then started with missionary, then changed to cowgirl, then doggy and unloaded!
After we just took turns and bathe. Talked awhile.. Paid her and left.

Name: Wei Wei
Race: PRC
Location: Klang
Face: 6/10
Body: 7/10
Boobs: B cup
Pussy: Hairy. Not tight, not loose, average.
BJ: 7.5/10
Damage: RM150
WIR: Maybe..

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China Jennifer Lopaz ASS – Xiao Ling Long (pic)

China Jennifer Lopaz ASS – Xiao Ling Long (pic)

Master: Ah Ben

been to Hixtaxa hotel after gotten a contact from bro here…about months ago.
reason was he claim this PRC has the best ass …PRC with ass?
yeah… i’m surprised! since was at subang area, and no mood for natural care Kelly. call her and she said she waiting for me.
w/o second thought, reached there in 30min. walk up there. plentiful of Choises!
i spotted 2 MILF with big boobs and ass…. slurp~
but still the attention grab by the PRC (sorry bro, till not didn’t ask her name).walked into her room and immediately i do a ‘body check’, she has small boobs, but who cares, most importantly her ass!
DMD, she really has asset! she bath me thoroughtly and bj in the toilet..
i couldn’t wait..push me on the bed, and cat bath me… ass rimming with care… wow~ i like that.
after turn around, treated me with ice and fire bj… i wasn’t in mood as i want to daty her immedately!
put her on bed, ask her face down and ass up! FUIYOH@!
what’s a amazing view! small littly pussy couple with solid round ass! her pittie size with such a big ass! it’s rare bro!!!
she doens’t allow me to daty as first..but i told her to relax and enjoy…
spend nealry 10min on doggy daty! jsut can’t kepe my eyes away from the view! seriously!!! Must try!
she capped me and i penetrated her deep inside and she starred with me one kind fillow by tight hug… woooooo guess i hit the spot~
she in small size, carry her on the table, make up chair and back to bed… what a stunt!
ended on standing doggy…. unplugged slowly and we bth flatted on the bed.
quickly clean up and walk out to see if can grab other contact.
toob ad all bz in the room liao…hai~
grab my car and ciao…. with smile hehehe

Name: Xiao Ling Long
Nationality: China mix Russian
Body: 8/10
boobs: A
ass: 10/10
FJ: 8/10
bj: 7/10 (not a bj man)
daty: 10/10
WIR: yES!!
dmg: RM140

Popiah B2B in Kota Damansara

Popiah B2B in Kota Damansara

Master: Ray

Hello bro,

Was heading to a chain massage center in kota damansara to get a rub after a hectic week but alas my regular lady Sa Sa was attending to another customer. Chanced upon this other outlet a block away which had a signage with a big reflexology neon footprint signage. The sign stated Pataya refexology. Took a walk up the flight of stairs and was met by a lady okt.

Asked what service and she mentioned only b2b type. Before I can reply she call the girls out to parade. Four of them on duty today. Three popiah and one bakso. I never tried popiah so picked the taller shapely girl.
She spoke some English so a plus for me. Her name was a-lan with demure smile. First she got me to undress than she she asked if I need shower but I decline since I had already did it before coming out. She excused herself to wash up. 
She politely ask me to lie on my front whereas she left the cubicle. She was back in a few minutes and she took off her towel and started with a basic massage naked! Woo first time getting preliminary rub by a named girl. Her skin terror smooth and her thighs rub against my legs in the massage. Asked her age and she responded 26, had a son aged 7 single mum.
After massage she asked if I wanted the bath b2b and yes I nodded. Led me to a shower cubicle with a air mattress. Similar to what ting ting of cheras offered but not so extravagant. Siaoed my body and used her body to glide up and down mind. Some minimal massaging if my didi in the process as well. Only thing I didn’t like was the semi darkened shower area. Some overhead light would had been good.
After cleaning up was led back to my cubicle where she allowed me to caress her body and touch her pussy. Alas no daty but can fj. Fondled her body kow  kow  to the extent she moaned when I licked her neckline. Within minutes mounted her after capping my didi. Pussy was tight and semi dry but she knew how to synchronize her pelvis with my thrust. Came within next few minutes ..heavenly feeling.
Cleaned up and was led to shower again to wash up. She washed my didi thoroughly and than washed her body and pussy as well.
Afterwards dressed up and paid okt.  Overall okt told me the girls rotated on monthly basis. She can SMS customers of new arrival if you leave your number behind.

Overall rating 6/10.

Name: A-lan 
Country Vietnam , ho chi Minh city.
Age 26
Boob 34b
Pussy trim bush
Daty not allowed
Gfe 7/10
Spoken mandarin and some broken English.
Wir  if new arrivals meet my criteria.
Damage MYR 148 for basic b2b of MYR 178 for shower b2b.
Note: save the miscellaneous cost and take basic b2b.













DATY :9/10
BBBJ: 8/10
FJ: 8/10

Amazing amazing titties… Lin

Amazing amazing titties… Lin

Master: Snooker

My whole cheonging thing started only now… met a bunch of old schoolfriends. One of them gave me ONE precious contact and introduced me to this site. so this week, finally made the call to Lin at Batucaves.

Made booking at 9pm… left work at 7pm and jaaaaaaammed my way there. Word of advice, LDP is trouble at that hour. Luckily made it in time, but kns… had to wait below her flat another 15 mins. Heard (and also read from here) that she’s hot stuff, so… nvm wait. Around 9.20 got the go ahead went up the stairs… and she very quietly opened the door. Smiling smiling smiling only. Went in, had some water and chit chat a bit, very friendly. then proceeded to a quick shower. “Bogelkan”… haha first time i hear this kind of phrasing.

Started with massage. Wuish – highly recommended! VERY FIRM hands, thumbs, fingers. up and down, up and down. Legs, thighs, butt, back, then turned to the front. More feet and leg action… she really really took her time, relax only. I was all loosened up and by the time got to my thighs, my dick saluting full attention already… she teased “Dah bangun, adik!” Batin a while. She said I’m long cos my body shape is overall skinny… got such thing wan ah? Nvm whether it’s true, got ego boost is nice :)

Bit more back and forth, she played coy, then bbbj. (by the way there’s a mirror next to bed, u can voyuer yourself in all the action)! By and by i was sitting up and my hands were roaming all over her tits. Amazing amazing titties… more than a handful :D I personally find it a bit hard to cum from bj, but her technique was good, gentle according to how i asked. 
After a while no need to look in the mirror, I was lying head full back eyes closed in heaven. Then it was on to the cap. By this time the clock was ticking, so I made quick work and pumped missionary for about 10 mins. Her titties bouncing all over the place was too much… and when she suddenly squeezed her pussy couple of times it sent me over the edge. Finish.
I thought she was rushing for another customer but she still took time to bathe me, with soap and all, wash my dick carefully… superb service, high marks for GFE. She also gave me a bottle of water to take away hahah. Will definitely return to bang her in different positions. The massage alone is worth it IMO.

Name: Lin (Batu Caves)
Age: 30+
Face: 3/10
Body: 8/10 – subjective right? (lil chubby but imo this type is best to bang)
BBBJ: 7/10 – personally not my kind of thing but she makes it worthwhile
FJ: 8/10 – bouncing titties bouncing titties
GFE: 10/10 – really make u comfortable
WIR: Yes!!
Damage: RM180 (standard RM150 + I added RM30 for taking longer than usual)

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Very watery and great tougue – Sabrina NL

Very watery and great tougue – Sabrina NL

Master: Alex99

Here it is my FR on Sabrina.

Got Sabrina’s contact from web master and contact her trying to set an appointment. When I ask her about the package, there is some different from what I read at the FR.
I was thinking just to try out seems the FR was pretty good on her.
On the action day, I go and get the room then text her the room number. After like 5 minutes, a knock on door and there she was. She was very sexy in tight legging and a t-shirt. Can see that her boobs were quite big. Enter the room then chit chat a while. After she put all her things, she went shower. I requested to join her but she reply shy and rejected me. When she finished then is my turn. I just simply washing myself then join her in the bed. She is waiting me naked on the bed.
We start talking east and west before start the action. She start attacking me when we are on the bed chatting. My hand replies her by roaming around her body. Her boobs are big and natural, really nice to hold and lick. We have some FK while checking on each other body.  When I was roaming till the lower part of her body, I check out the little treasure land down there. It is shared and clean. I start using my hand try to test it but she not allowed. But she is okay if I use mouth. I daty her it was okay just a bit of urine taste. She seems like this very much.
We change position, she start bbbj me. Her skill was okay not too rough or too soft. After a while she asked to start the action and I reply yes then she capped me and we start the action. Using doggie and missionary, the action is just normal as others FR so I just skip in detail. In the action can feel her mystery place was very watery. Her moan was natural not too hard and loud.
After the action we clean up ourselves then go back to bed again. Stay there chit chat a while then pay her and left the hotel. I was taking the 1 hour session.

Name : Sabrina
Nation : 1 Malaysia
Age :  didn’t ask
Body :  5/10 (Quite meaty)
Boobs:  7/10
FK : 8/10 (Her tougue was great)
BJ : 7/10
Anal : Not allowed
Fingering : Not Allowed
Pussy : 7/10 (tight maybe the urine smell minus some mark here)
GEF : 8/10 (nice n friendly, no rushing talkative, just maybe she is not in mood that y my service was a bit different with other)
Damage : 200 1 Hour (1 shoot), 250 2 hours (2 shoot)
WIR : Interested to test on other NL recipe

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Pretty and Good body shap – Wei Wei(pic)

Pretty and Good body shap – Wei Wei(pic)

Master: Vicky

*** Wei Wei photo(13 pcs), please click here![Golden Key] ***

First time writing FR and dunno where and how to start.Please don’t mind for any mistake.

I got the contact by mail from the webmaster and she give me Wei Wei and Happy Xiao La Mei contact that

Requested by me.After received I straight call both of them but only Wei Wei response.

After know the place and the room number, I straight go after my working hour and when I reached the

doorstep and knocked the door,Wei Wei is just inform of me with her beautiful smile.I step in and have a sit and start some conversations and next she start to undress my clothes and go for shower.After we out from shower,

it’s time for our business. 

First,she lick from top to the lower part and said, “is time to eat banana”.After a few minutes she start to cap my little brother and started with cowgirl position and follow by doggy style.Once finish, I take a rest and she went to shower follow by me and later paid money and go back .

Name :Wei Wei
Location : Klang
Body : 8/10
Boobs : B I guess
Face : 7/10
BJ : 8/10
Damage : RM150


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Look alike 16 yers old PRC – Fang Fang(pic)

Look alike 16 yers old PRC – Fang Fang(pic)

Master: sex_hunter

went to Bukit Bintang….. then text to Fang Fang see she free or not

This is the second time i try Fang Fang, because forgot her sweet and cuties face.

When enter the room, Fang Fang give me a warm hug and sweet kiss. Later we go to take bath.

On the bed, we are hugging and kissing again, she said my lip is soft soft de =,=

Go further down, kiss and BJ my little brother, her skill normal and can feel she try her best to please me….

However, the plus point of Fang Fang is her BIG BIG BIG boobs, i am a boobs lover, so make me so high. imagine fxcking a 16yrs old girls with a big boobs…..

Fang Fang girlfriend feeling really great, she treat you like her only one boyfriend(of course maybe i handsome enough la).

Overall I am happy, that’s why i come second time.

Name: Fang FangCountry:China
Age:Feel like 16yers old (actual age didn’t ask)
Face:Short hair, small size, fair and smooth skin
Boobs:walau eh, BIG, at least D Cup
Character:always smile, like to talk
GFT:very good and accommodate
FJ:good, can have many style
FJ:Normal, too young i think, need time to train
Damage:RM150 + tips

Hot and Spicy – Virgin for Sale

Hot and Spicy – Virgin for Sale

Master: Alex

This superb, naive and highly adorable doll arrived in Malaysia last week.

According to her agent her mum is in hospital undergo treatment

Her dad separated with her mum years ago, married another young lady in Vietnam

She needs cash urgently to treat her mum

She’s a very humble and adorable girl, with baby face and charming smile

I have no money, if not I will sure to ” take one “

Successful brother can bring her to consult any doctor of your choice to ascertain her virginity

She has never had any boy friend before

She has never fallen in love before

So please, never expect she will kiss you like professional kissers

She knows absolutely nothing about sex

Please, she’s here to earn some money, she will be returning to her homeland once she ” opened ” by you.

We are here to help people, I am not an OKT, I don’t get a single penny commission from her May god bless her and her mum, to be recovered soon.

Please do not disturb if you are not sincere, thank you very much

Please call the above agent if you are sincere and willing to help, just tell him you are a friend of brother Chong.

Good luck, may god bless you too………………

Name : Ah Taim
Place : Kuchai Lama
Nationality : Vietnam
Age : 18
Look : 9.0 / 10
Height : 5 ft 4 inches
Bust : 33B
Pussy : Cannot see
Nipple : Cannot see
Kissing : Still don’t know
Watery : Still don’t know
Grade : Fully imported ( CBU ) class A sports car
Engine : 1800 cc
Top Speed : Above 330 km/hr
0 to 100 km/hr : 3.3 second
Damage : Please call the agent

Mariko Japanese fantasy encounter(pic)

Mariko Japanese fantasy encounter(pic)

Master: Ray

Unable contact Rachel so decided to see who on my list not met before. Decided to pm Mariko. I had chatted with her long time back but never met.
So pm her yesterday afternoon see if she was available. She responded quite fast and asked me if I am Chinese and I told her yes and tall stature. She replied with a smile icon. Arranged meeting at 7 in her apartment in times square. I decided since Rachel not responding to my request maybe try see if Mariko would play some part for me. Pm her later and asked if she will be willing to don  pantyhose and high heels. She replied yes and that got me more excited.
Arrived and pm her. She asked me to wait at lobby while she come down stairs to bring me up. After a few minutes I hear a soft voice you are so tall! I look up and meet Mariko and she wasn’t as tall as in the photo in fr.
She has that shy demure of a Japanese women never spoken unless spoken to. In the elevator she just politely smile at me while going up to her apartment.
At her apartment I was taken aback by the high side of the hotel she was staying in. It was a studio apartment with all the amenities. She offered me a glass of water and I did some small talk with her. She is 3/4 Japanese and the balance Filipino from her father side. With her looks she has the best features if both countries. First thing that caught my eye was her like the one you envision on a certain USA pop singer J lo.
After the chit chat and water she leads me to the bedroom nice king size bed. She prepares me a tooth brush with tooth paste and I brush my teeth followed by mouth wash gargle; oral  hygiene  important to her ! She next helped me undress and I asked if she was joining me but she declined in her demure voice saying she had already bathe. Wow after a nice hot shower I catch a peek of her in the bedroom putting on a pair of black panty hose in addition to the sexy top and frilly thing. Oh my she really comply to my wishes! I quickly dry myself up and come out of the washroom, she was looking stunning in her outfit with a curvy body to match woo Hoo!
BTW she stands 5’3″ and next with her 6″  inch high heels she was near my height. Gfe experience excellence, she  embrace me and make stand next to her on the full wall mirror than start hugging me with her back showing on the mirror showing her full body in pantyhose/ high heels… Walau eh!
I start by caressing the pantyhose material and her ass oh they are so tender and warm highlight by my hand reflection on the mirror ..Shiok. She moans softly in the process allowing me to have the full feel of her body.
Slowly I guide her to the bed and I sit down with her standing and I put my face into her pussy area oh so warm as she pushes my face deeper into her crotch. All the while she softly moans and then I pull her onto the bed and as she lies down I get on top of her missing her lips and neck. No fk from her unlike earlier fr stated. Guess she wanted daty as she kept pushing my head towards her crotch and moaning as I lick my way down and buried my face once again there. Can feel the dampness as I spread her legs to put my mouth against the pantyhose and her thong.
For 5 minutes I put my face over her crotch nuzzling her pussy through that sexy material. Played her boobs in the process 36c supple and bouncy. Than next stage commence by pulling her pantyhose off slowly like in Japan av movies, she gladly let me do the honors. She lift up her legs exposing her crotch and I immediate eat her pussy protected by her sexy thing without fully removing the pantyhose it was tantalizing and a good feel for me and her; legs over my shoulder and me nuzzling her pussy with moans like in the av movies. She softly tells me please don’t stop; of course not my dear I love this action!
After a while she is asking me to lick her pussy by pulling the thin thong strip back exposing her wet sweet  smell  pussy. The moment I place my tongue there she shudders and moan louder… Good climax I might add.
She likes daty from what I can gather and that’s one sport I’d love to do to any deserving girl.  10 minutes down she climax and ask me to enter her pussy. She pulls me from below and locks her  legs around me all the while I kiss her neck and slowly I work down her bosom. She whisper please fxck me and than she guides my didi  and rubs it against the lips of her pussy hole agh it feels so good getting her juices on my didi  tip. I can feel a surge in the stiffness enveloping my didi. She push me away and prep a cap over my didi  in missionary pose. I enter her wet hole and start pumping for only a few minutes…ahhh so good feel and her moaning like Japanese av cannot tahan and I let go inside the cap while still pumping her..
I continue kiss her face and lips with didi still inside her. She whispers to me with a smile you very good!
I get up and wash up while she tidies her bed. After I had finish shower she goes in to clean up. Oh so nice to see her body in the glass cubicle.
After she dressed up I find out she is a mother to a 10 year old boy. Her age is 30 & she married young at age 18.
I personally recommend anyone for this personal gfe experience.
Better her studio bedroom is damn luxurious. One night rate rm 300!

Name: Mariko

Age: 30

Body: 36c 26 38 lovely ass!

Pussy: shaved and sweet smell: natural wet

Daty: yes and loves it.

Ar : no

Bj: no , she doesn’t like it.

Gfe: 9/10 w sweet smile

Fk: didn’t get any

Height: 5’3″

Cosplay: depends I got mine lol 9/10 for making it happen.

Wir :  yes anytime need a pantyhose fetish.

Damage : rm 300 1 shot. Rm 500 2 shot.

She is very sporting!!     :)

Gorgeous PRC Xue Er(pic)

Gorgeous PRC Xue Er(pic)

Master: SmallCuteGuy

*** Xue Er photo(10 pcs), please click here![Golden Key] ***

Got her contact from webmaster last week and quickly texted her to see if she’s available today. She quickly agreed and we fixed the time.

On the actual day, my heart is actually pounding very fast as this is my first cheong session, really dunno what will happen. Got the hotel room number from her and went straight up.

WOW. I was greeted by a very beautiful lady with a big smile. She was very friendly and we chit chat a bit on the bed. then she lead me to the bathroom and clean my DD, very soft hands and smooth skin, I especially like the the tattoo on her ass.

After  we came out, I requested for a massage as I had muscle ache and she willingly obliged. Some really good skills too. Then started the catbath and her tongue really work wonders on your body, down to BBBJ. Nearly exploded in her mouth, very syok sensation when she suck my balls.

After a while she capped me and started with cowgirl. Her pussy is very tight and warm. When she is riding I massaged her firm boobs and sucked the nipples real hard. Switched to missionary(I think she is tired), and pumped her rigorously and finally released with her loud moans.

Washed up and she gave me a tight hug and kiss before I left as a happy man.

Name: Xue Er

Nationality: PRC

Face: 10/10

Body: 9/10

Boobs: 9/10(about C cup, just nice for me, pinkish nipples)

BBBJ: 10/10(will look at you when blowing, very GFE)

Pussy: 9/10(TIGHT, clean and wet, some hair)

FJ: 10/10(like heaven)

GFE: 8/10(sweet smile)

Damage: RM200(including hotel)


Professional GFE service Guaranteed – Yesdy(pic)

Master: Lum

I got this number quite sometime ago from a webmaster and never has time to try out , one fine weekend I was damn free and text her she replied free and we set appointment to meet at 1pm.

when i arrive at manjalara as instructed, she was busy with another customer pulak. after 20mins of waiting she retuned call and meet her up at the hotel.

the rest of the story is pretty standard but I enjoyed the session as i feel this is not a business but a friendly fuck session, :D

Her bbbj is very good and i almost exploded on her, quickly ask to change and did cow gal then finish my job at doggy.

she is very friendly n very talkative, she can almost chat about anything with u, like an old fren, and she insisted on giving u a non-rush service,very patient. so whoever need a quick one, go for PRC. spare at least 1.5 hrs for everything. Don;t judge her by her voice over the phone, :D


Name: Yesdy
Age : 20+
Race : CKT local
Face: 7/10
Boobs : 5/10, not very big but nice :D
body : 7/10
BBBJ : 8/10, very good, very enjoyable
Daty : allow, very wet
FJ : 9/10 nice
Pussy : tight and wet.
GFE: 8/10, definitelt ur fren !
Damage: 300 for 2 hours

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Make u really “geram” – Snow White Lisa(pic)

Make u really “geram” – Snow White Lisa(pic)

Master: Farhan

*** Lisa photo(2 pcs), please click here![Golden Key] ***

I wanna share my experience with Lisa aka Snow White. After got contact from webmaster, directly whatapps her. After a while, she reply and agree to meet somewhere summit subang. He ask me to bring a condom…then I said ok. By looking at her whatapps profile, turn me on ready, sexy face and white skin.
One reached there, I text her and she gave me hotel name and room number. After reached at the door, knock the door 3 times then she open the door….1st time looking at her face, my heart “berdebar macam kuda”. She sooo beautiful. she wearing tight pink shirt and jeans. Looking at her ass..make u really “geram”
Have a short chit chat..while im laying on the bed while watching tv…she come next to me and hug me…she said “I like u”….demm she make me horny. She pull my hand for shower…take her clothes off…looking at her white and fair skin…make me really2 horny.
After shower, laying her on the bed, I start kissing all her white body….sucking nipple…and her clean shaved pussy.
The she cap me…and start with missionary. ..long bout 15 mins then she push me….sitting on me and start her job bout 10min…..then cannot tahan anymore…shoot inside condom.
Rest about 10 min…shower with her again…then go back. She gave me a gudbye kiss.

Name: Lisa aka Snow White
Type: NL
Face : 9/10….love her face
Boobs: 6/10….not big but I love it
Skin : smooth and very fair.
Pussy : clean n shaved .. no smell
Bbbj : 7/10…so so only
Daty : Absolutely yes
Fj : 7/10
Moan : a bit
Rush : no

Damage : 200 + room

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Sweet and Chubby NL – Rina(pic)

Sweet and Chubby NL – Rina(pic)

Master: Leonardo 

OMG! I had my first cheongster session. In fact, this is my first time having sex. Fuxk, was really desperate dy coz i’, already 27 and I’m still a virgin. Then my friends kept on teasing me for being a virgin. Long story short, I was at bangsar LRT alone and saw the massage centre behind the mamak, decided to go in and just give it a try. 

Never done it before, only read the FR reports here. They sent Rina to my room. Quite chubby but not bad, she quite talkative. Ask me to remove my cloths and wait for her. She tell me the prices, decided to go for sex. Damn fuxking expensive, but since I’m already inside the place, might as well just do it. I told her i’m still a virgin and she laughed. LOL anyways, she was very swwett about it and taught me how to relax. 

She took off her shirt, quite chubby but i like it that way. boobs also very soft. she started doing boob job on my dick, damn nice!!!!! first time feeling girls skin and boobs! OMG

then she started licking my dick head. nice when she was licking my balls. but then when she sucked my dickhead, abit too hard. can feel her teeth. then she “pop” out. 

after that i say i want to start sex. she say relax fist. she hj until keras. but the problem is, i was too fuxking nervous, so my dick lembik after few seconds. Can’t go in her pussy. LOL she was on top, then we tried missionary, still can’t go in. too tight! then she say relax, so she started hj and sucking my nipple, OMG feeling damn good. 

then i put minyak on my condom. FINALY get to masuk. after about 10 minutes, she said she tired. wth! she said usually ppl pancut after 5 to 10 minutes. mine became lembik but not pancut. so i use hand n minyak to make it stand again. did missionary awhile and managed to get the rythym. so i just lick her neck and boobs, very very soft! i like! ;)

after that, i tried doggy style. she say need it to be betul keras before can go in. so she help hj me and suck my balls to make it keras. and i put my dick in doggy styl! best feeling ever!!!! BUT THEN THE HORROR HAPPENED!!!! OMG!!!!!! MY CODOM BROKE AFTER 5 STROKES!!!! SHIT!!

i got damn scared! i ask her will get disease o not. she say “choi!!!” dont say stuff like that. she say she also scared get disease so she will jaga herself. so i relax abit. she finished off with tit fxck and hj. 

Name: Rina
Age: didnt ask, looks like late 20s
Boobs: i think it’s B or C. 
Origin: NL
Height: 150 – 160
FJ: yes
HJ: 10/10
Massage: didn’t try, went straight to sex. 
GFE: 9/10
Rush: yes, after 20 minutes, she said she too tired dy. i said i want book 1 hour, she said if possible, she want cut shoter. haiz potong steam. 
Damage: I definitely overpaid for this. but i appreciate that she was very nice about me being a virgin and she tried to help make me feel less nervous. RM68 (Urut) + RM200 (Sex)
WIR: Maybe, would like to try others. 

Very pretty Hong Kong girl – Yuki(Pic)

Very pretty Hong Kong girl – Yuki(Pic)

Yuki brought few sisters back

Master: Aaron

Got the number few days ago from my friend , so i called her her for booking.Like as usual she sms me the room number so i went to meet her.She look around 23 beautiful face , very slim body she is very friendly.

she help me to take off my clothes and we proceed to the toilet , she helped me to wash my body and my little brother , pink nipple fair boobs after cleaning to wipe my body with towel then she call me wait her on the bed.

After awhile she came out and catbath me all-over licking my ass with feels just awesome , time for my turn to take revenge back , i licked her pussy all her water coming out very fresh a little bit salty , i make her squirt by fingering her pussy.Her moaning is nice.

after that she blowjob me feels just freaking great , she was damn tired after squirting.after caping my didi i fucked her missionary all the way  until it cums.she uncap it and wipe with tissue then she BJ me again and make my didi cannot tahan she bj me until i cum the second time all my cum was on her mouth. 

She helped to to shower and clean up , then we go to the bed chit chat for awhile she didn’t even hint me to leave i stayed there about 2 hours it’s about time so i pay her then i left before i left she gave me a french kiss and then finger her pussy after that put that finger into my mouth.will find her every week.

AGE    : 23
FACE   : 9/10
BODY  : 10/10 SLIM
BBBJ   : 9/10
CATBATH : 10/10
DATY :10/10
DFK : 8/10

WIR : 100%

Friendly Malay FL – Ann

Friendly Malay FL – Ann

Master: Alfred

I got her contact from a friend. I was nearby her area and text her for. She replied OD at 2pm. Reach there and was to park outside and wait for instructions.

20 minutes later was asked to take the lift and me directed to her unit.

She was friendly. No rushing. Was ask to sit down, chat a while before the action starts.
Undress and was ask to laid down on the bed. She started to cat bath and than straight to BBBJ. Cap on and she started to hump. She tried to minimize her moan as she afraid yah the neighbors might hear and suspect. 

After 15 minutes I unload. Than we continue talking and she asked if I want to do the second round. Too bad, need to rush back to office. I dressed up and left.

Name: Ann
Face: 5.5/10
Service: average (but she is friendly) 7/10
Damage: 150

*she will request for payment before action.

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36D Freelancer NL Aira

36D Freelancer NL Aira

Master: Dragon

Texted her, says meet in Puchong Area, check-in to the hotel she desire. the downside of getting her are few, you got to wait at the hotel for an hour from the time you booked. she says need to settle something wor.. Oo

When she arrived, i opened the door let her in.. Wow..not bad! a very short, chubby and cute too. First sight was, she do not look like NL, more like a mix.(Don’t know) see it for yourself!.

The session started with she undress herself, walk into the bath room and wait for you to do whatever you want. Lolx…i was “hungry” so went straight to the “goods” and DFK. Hands started to roam her body.

After the bathing, the rest is SOP. Went to bed. take her towel off grab her boobies.. big and nice tits she have.. sucking and licking good… Then gone down south, her pussy no smell shaved and clean. i heard she moan a little when i was licking her.  she is quite dry though..

then i can’t tahan liao put cap and started drilling her.. started off with missionary and cow girl..didnt cum. maybe too tired after a long day of work. lolxxxx. then i ask her to blow me.. the blow job suction is damn good.. nice sound and she know how to please you with her mouth… 

was so good i CIM in her..damn good way to spent the last night of year 2013.

We spent so much time till the hotel start calling. So quickly we clean up , get dress and pay and leave.

A well spent of money for a girl like this.

Name : Aira
Race : NL
Location : Puchong
Age : 24 (She Said)
Looks:  okay okay
Boobs : 36 D
FK: Yes
BBBJ : 9/10
Anal: never ask
Pussy: 7/10 (dry)
FJ: 9/10 
GFE: 9/10 ( No rush, patience,  talkative )
Dmg : Rm 250+hotel

Vacumn Cleaner – Peggy

Vacumn Cleaner – Peggy

Master: Lee

After get contact from webmaster straight away sms her and made an appointment with her

Waited few days and finally the days have come. After work immediately drive to her place and reach on time. 

Tried to call her no answer (jialat don’t cancel my appointment..) After a few minute get her reply ask me to wait. Then waited 30minute (dam what is she doing) get her block no. and went to her place.

When she open the door i was (gulp) ok.. she is really age 40++. Go in and have some ice breaking session. After chit chat about 15min she ask wanna start? Of course la my purpose is that only.

Go to her room then undress together. Notice that she wear Red G-String panties LOL. Went to bathroom and bath but we still chit chatting. 

After bath went to her room and here start my mission. She started by licking and sucking my nipple and little bro. Wao she really get her fame that she is a good sucker. Its just like a vacumn sucking my bro with so much pressure. 

After about 5-10min(not sure coz too high) my bro cant tahan then she say you can CIM. OMG i never tried this b4. Then i just unleash all to her mouth but she still vacuuming my bro even i finish unloaded that is what make me so dam HIGH. 

After that she started to massage and we have some chit chat. After about 30min massage we start our 2nd round. She start by vacuuming my bro then after that we proceed with missionary, cowgirl and doggy style. 

Unfortunately my bro is so naughty that after done for 30min i still cant cum and we proceed with BBBJ for about 15min but still cant cum. She said becoz just now you cum too much thats why hard to load now. (Hmm i thinking the same ^^) 

We just stop and clean ourselve. She said next time come she will add this back to my next service. After that sit down a while and leave.

Overall almost 2 hour at there

Name: Peggy (Puchong)
Age: 43 (MILF)
Face: 5/10 (just go for the service)
Body: 6/10 (a bit thin and small breast)
BBBJ: 9/10 (hell yeah) left 1 point as there might be other people is perfect ^^
DITY: no try (i have ulser)
AR: 7/10 (1st time being lick on my Asshole)
WIR: for her massage and BBBJ
Damage: RM150 (suppose 2 shot but bro not listening that day)